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Hi I am actually able to hear and see spritual activities most if it is active. I can do telemetry. I have to touch something and if the person is deceased they will communicate. If the person is alive I will dream about something that may happen to them. I have been a psychic all my life. my daughter is also is one and so was my mother.  I experience a full haunting in 1984 on Jankowski road after my 17 year old brother died in a car accident. In 1986 I saw a black cloaked demon walking near the striney mansion and close to the location on Flemming road where my brother died. In 2001 my father died in his house on route 14. I heard whispering voices. In 2007 I experienced a haunting in Rockford in the Gem Suburban trailor court.

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Reply Robin
6:50 AM on June 30, 2013 
Well I am a hard core christian. I just have these abilities. In the christian world it is called prophecy, I guess. I read that some saints have seen demons and ghosts so the more you are closer to Jesus I guess the more you are able to see these things,.
Reply Robin
3:30 AM on June 26, 2013 
last year when Chistina saw this demon at the neighbors house. it was of a dark form. black mist following her. but now with the prayers it has stopped.
Reply Robin
3:28 AM on June 26, 2013 
Everything is fine now. my daughter is better she is not hearing as much stuff. I did some praying to stop the spirit from tapping and rattling bottles. I also heard the spirit talking around Christmas. pretty terrifying thing. it was a man's voice coming from the basement. by my black German Sheppard . my son Mykel who is 20 was visiting his friend and me and my daughter Chistina who is 11 were home alone and we were frightened. To let you all know that I do believe in Jesus and know that there are spirits and demons out there. also I am tying to get a evidence technician job.
8:33 AM on July 17, 2012 
I would call Tony O. & try to set something up, when children are involved me no likes big-time, don't Empower...cast out!!!
Reply Robin
4:42 AM on July 17, 2012 
Right now I have a next door neighbor who has an extensive criminal history. he is a sex offender of the worst type. well my daughter saw a demon coming from his house which is about 25 feet away. the demon saw that she can see it. so it tapped on her bedroom window until she communicated with it. well she ended up in the hospital it told her to cut herself. several months later a man's voice was in the living room. there was no one home but me and my daughter. I said several prayers and it stopped talking. then several months later. something flew across my bedroom. this unknown object flew past my head. and left a small hole in my plaster wall. well now the neighbor is harassing us. he throws nails in our drive way, slams our walls at night. but my point is the demon is coming out of him from his house and me and my daughter can either hear it or see it.
Reply Debbie C.
11:51 AM on July 14, 2012 
I am always concerned that confused or trapped souls need help to understand what has happened to them-but mostly that paranormal investigation groups take the extra step to provide a medium to help these spirit people to pass over. Especially children. To not do so should be unacceptable in the community,Thoughts on this?
10:26 PM on May 15, 2012 
My first recomendation, the word Demon is used to freely i mean no disrespect by this but stop using the word demon, there are spirits out there that are Spinsters to manipulate what a sensitive can see.
With that said if there is ever a demonic experience (which would tally to less than 1% of case load) you are enpowering it and allowing it to take root !! 99.9 are what i personally call tainted souls that Exzude negitivity. I Recomend the kill them with kindness theory.
I am very sorry for your two losses if you feel there souls are astray and have not crossed, being a sensitive yourself call upon them to cross over to the white light of the Universe.... Good Luck
Reply Robin
5:21 PM on January 16, 2012 
I was working with a retired cop 2 years ago to solve the Drew Peterson case.